The End.

Posted 07/05/2011 by Satou
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We’ve all seen it coming, but here is the official post.

I am through with blogging. The reason I was blogging was because it was fun, but when I started trying (and failing at) a schedule, it felt like a hassle. I’ve gotten bored with blogging, and that means I am not going to blog anymore. I’ve enjoyed this past year and few months, I suppose, and I may try blogging again in the future. However, for now, I am done.

I’ll leave the blog here, but don’t expect any more posts. If you actually watched and enjoyed my YouTube videos, I will be continuing that, so you can subscribe to me on YouTube at my channel. Good day, have fun.

Why, hello there!

Posted 06/11/2011 by Satou
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I have been away for a very long time (again), and I also realise that none of you care. My computer was in a problematic state, and so I have been unable to make posts or new videos. However, you can expect a more prolific me in the near future, but don’t be disappointed if I happen to not make a post for another month.

Let’s Play: The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles 007

Posted 03/26/2011 by Satou
Categories: Gaming

This is the last episode that I have recorded. Should I go to Dementia, or should it be Mania? You decide. If I don’t have any responses, I’ll go with Dementia.

Let’s Play: The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles 006

Posted 03/25/2011 by Satou
Categories: Gaming

Episode six has arrived!

Let’s Play: The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Episode 005

Posted 03/24/2011 by Satou
Categories: Blog, Gaming

Here is the next episode! Sorry for not releasing this sooner, I had a very busy weekend, and then real life problems for the first half of the week. I’m doing better now, though. By the way, if you were really looking forward to my Playstation 3 post tomorrow (and the end of my weekly series on consoles), it won’t be going up. I feel that I have not played around on my Playstation 3 enough to give any conclusive statement. I may or may not have it up next week. Do you have any ideas for a new weekly series? I was thinking about doing a series in which I wrote my thoughts on a game. In any case, enjoy the video!

Game Systems: Sony Playstation 2

Posted 03/18/2011 by Satou
Categories: Gaming, Life, Other Reviews

I was thinking about my blog while looking at a box containing some of my older games, and I decided that it would be interesting if I would post a system that I own, be it console or handheld, and give a review of it/story behind it once a week until I ran out of consoles. This is the twelfth week.

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Let’s Play: The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Episode Four

Posted 03/16/2011 by Satou
Categories: Gaming

Plans don’t always work out, because these ended up not being daily. However, this matters not. Here is the next episode.


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