Genshiken follows Sasahara Kanji, a shy otaku that is afraid to express his love of modern visual culture. He is starting as a freshman in his college, and he is looking around the clubs. He spots the anime club and manga club, but decides against it. He then sees the Genshiken (short for Gendai Shikaku Bunka Kenkyuu Kai, literally The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture), and he decides to check it out.

Sasahara (Also my avatar for numerous things)

Sasahara sits in and observes. He sees how the atmosphere is, and the people of the Genshiken notice how he stares at the nuerous otaku things in the room. The people leave the room, *insert spoiler here* happens, and when they come back, he is ready to join. This leads Sasahara along the arduous path of otakudom.

I love this anime. Again it is one of my favourites (when am I going to stop using my favourites so much!?). This anime really allowed me to see the path I walk, and I am sure it would be an eye-opener for all these people these days say things like “I’m an otaku, but I refuse to watch anything other than mecha anime since 2005″ or “I’m an otaku, what is Touhou/Comiket”.
These guys will know what being an otaku truly is, and…! I almost ranted in this review, I should make a rant post on this subject, but anyway, about the anime. It is truly spectacular. It is definitely a watch for anyone and everyone who wants to see otaku life, or even who just wants a slice-of-life anime with comedy and a little romance. This anime is so great that, while looking for images for this post, I accidently watch the entire first episode and part of the second with my good friend Kurisu Hanto. No matter what, you must watch! Also, there is a second season, so watch that too.

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